Dummy return ticket is required by immigration for visa on arrival facility to the visitors. However, if you plan to pack your back and visit those countries without certain mandatory documents then you will be in trouble. One of the requirements is a valid return ticket and a document to show proof of residence. Often, we are not quite sure about our return and or might have hastily planned a trip, in that case you can purchase a dummy ticket for about 15 dollars, dummy ticket is a ticket with valid PNR and accepted as a proof of return. Dummy ticket can be rescheduled multiple times without losing money on cancellation or rescheduling charges. The booking and rescheduling are so easy to do and you can enjoy your trip without any hassles. You can take our time to decide and plan for your trip and modify your itinerary accordingly. Dummy tickets is a quick and easy way to make your travels less stressful and more meaningful.  

There are three types of dummy tickets to suite your purpose. 

  • For Return Trips
  • For Hotel Bookings
  • For Return and Hotel Bookings

Dummy tickets and bookings are generally cheaper and the option to reschedule makes its handy and easy to make changes multiple times. Go for dummy tickets and bookings so that you can take your time deciding upon the exact travel date and time and save your money on cancellation and rebooking charges. 

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