Tickets with Valid PNR

Dummy Ticket-One way

$ 9/ Person
$ 9 per person
  • Proof of return ticket
  • Tickets issued with valid 6 digit PNR code
  • Preferred by passengers traveling in Tourist visa
  • Unlimited Flight selection
  • Multiple corrections possible
  • 24/7 support
Airport Return

Dummy Ticket-Two Way

$14/ Person
$ 14 per person
  • Verifiable Itineraries On Airlines Official Website
  • Tickets issued with Valid 6 digit PNR code
  • Confirmed validity for14 days
  • Multiple corrections possible
  • Unlimted Flight selection
  • 24/7 Support
Visa Application

Dummy Hotel Booking

$19/ Person
$ 19 per person
  • Valid Booking Confirmation Number
  • Can be used for Visa application,Offical purposes etc
  • Upto 30 days Valid
  • Multiple corrections possible
  • 24/7 Support
Visa Application


What is a Dummy Ticket?


Dummy ticket is a flight itinerary without actually purchasing an actual ticket.A dummy ticket also known as a flight reservation and can be used as a travel document for tourist visa application.By submitting this document the visa officials can be sure of the travel plans of the applicant.


How to book dummy ticket for visa application?

It is crucial to verify the authenticity of the agent before making the booking to avoid any potential scams.Moreover, conducting thorough research before selecting a travel agency is recommended to ensure that the ticket purchased is valid and meets the requirements for a visa application.

Is Dummy ticket recommended?

Some applicants may prefer to use a “dummy ticket” or “flight reservation for visa” instead of purchasing a real ticket because they are not sure of their travel plans yet.However, the dummy ticket should have a verifiable PNR and should be confirmed valid to comply with EU law.

How to know if a dummy ticket is legit?

It is not advised to purchase a fully paid ticket, as any changes or delays in the visa approval process might result in costly cancellation or rescheduling charges. Therefore, it is recommended to use a dummy ticket to fulfill the visa application requirement.To ensure the dummy ticket’s authenticity, it is important to verify the tickets on the airline’s website with the PNR mentioned on the ticket.This will demonstrate that the booking is valid, thus increasing the chances of visa approval

ticket for visa

How do you book an original Dummy ticket?

It is crucial to exercise caution when searching for a dummy ticket booking website to avoid potential scams. To ensure the authenticity of the ticket, it is recommended to do thorough research and select a reputable website.We offer genuine dummy flight ticket that are booked through a legitimate portal and generate a verifiable PNR, guaranteeing the validity of the ticket.

How to verify dummy ticket ?

To verify the authenticity of the booking, the PNR can be checked on the airline’s website under the ‘Manage Booking’ section. This increases the chances of visa approval and ensures stress-free travel experience.

How to book dummy ticket which is verifiable? offers a 100% verified original dummy ticket service with valid PNRs, which can be used for visa applications and airport proof of return. The company provides a reliable solution for individuals who require proof of a flight itinerary.

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